Collection of leaves begins the second Monday in October. Weather and other circumstances permitting, collection is continuous until the final collection.

FINAL COLLECTION: Leaves must be curbside by 7:00 AM on the first Monday in December. Starting on this day, the truck will collect on each street one time.

* Schedule is subject to change, with or without notice.

Collection Guidelines


…bag leaves.
…mix leaves with brush or sticks.


…keep roads and sidewalks free of debris.

…keep drainage areas free of debris.

…keep piles away from stationary objects (e.g., mailboxes, fences, hydrants, utility poles, parked cars, trees).

Collection of Leaves Notes

Piles that contain branches or other debris will NOT be collected. Debris damages collection equipment resulting in costly repairs and delays in service to other residents.

Curbside collection services are not provided by the Township on private streets.

Residents are advised to maintain a safe distance from the leaf vacuum truck while it is in operation. It is important to keep in mind that a vacuum force can be generated that could cause bodily injury.