Public Works

The Public Works Department provides a wide variety of services including maintenance of 51+ miles of roadway and right-of-ways, which require paving & patching, shoulder maintenance & grading, snow removal & de-icing, storm sewer & ditch maintenance, street sweeping, sign installation & maintenance, clearing of grass, trees, tree limbs and other vegetation along public rights-of-ways, and recycling. The department also provides building and fleet maintenance for the Township.

If an emergency situation arises outside regular operating hours, such as a tree down blocking the road, landslide or collapse of the pavement in a roadway, please call 911 to report the emergency.

Street Maintenance

Public Works Department is responsible for street paving and patching, shoulder maintenance, stormwater pipe and ditch maintenance, street sweeping, and sign installation and maintenance.

Township typically contracts for large paving and street surface maintenance work.

Right-Of-Way Clearing

The clearing of trees, tree limbs and other vegetation along public rights-of-ways is completed as needed throughout the year to prevent interference with public use of Township streets.

Most right-of-way tree trimming is completed during the dormant season. For annual tree trimming, the Township is broken into quadrants for a routine rotation of services.

If you notice branches from trees on your property overhanging into the Township right-of-way, you may want to consider having the trees trimmed by an arborist of your choice.

Street right-of-ways should have a vertical clear zone of no less than 14 feet above the roadway. Right-of-way widths vary from street to street.


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    Street Shoulder Maintenance

    A street shoulder is the area along the street, typically 12-24 inches wide and – for Township streets – usually unpaved.

    Street shoulders in the Township right of way must slope away from the paved street surface to allow water to drain away from the street. Stormwater collects along the shoulder edge and travels parallel to the street until a point of collection or point of discharge, such as a ditch, swale or stormwater pipe inlet.

    Street and shoulder drainage is important to minimize street flooding, minimize icing during cold weather conditions and preserve the street surface. Even the tiniest “false berm” acts as a barrier to surface water drainage and prevents water from properly reaching a swale, ditch and/or inlet, causing serious damage and/or creating safety risks.

    The Township Public Works Crew is responsible for shoulder cutting and grading to improve drainage and allow water to leave the street.

    Winter Maintenance

    The Public Works Department is committed to providing excellent winter maintenance service. Our goal is to keep roads passable; that does not mean that roads will be completely free of snow and ice.

    Property owners can assist by observing the following:

    • Do not park in a cul-de-sac or within 100 feet of the terminus of dead end streets. (Ordinance #364 August 12, 2013)
      Keep your vehicle off the street until the street has been completely cleared.
    • Never deposit snow or ice on a public street. This can cause a hazard for drivers and possibly your property. (Ordinance #364 August 12, 2013)
    • Remove snow and ice from all sidewalks within the right-of-way of public streets. (Ordinance 289, December 14, 2006)
    • Do not interfere or impede Township vehicles plowing snow or applying de-icing materials.
    • Shovel snow away from a fire hydrant located on or near your property.

    Prevent re-shoveling after plowing.